Information and Fees for Tenants

At Balmforths we appreciate that people are tenants for different reasons, some because they choose to whereas some are because they have to, but all have the same needs, that is to find the right property, in the right location, with the minimum of stress.

We deal solely with unfurnished properties as we firmly believe that tenants should feel that ‘at home’ with their own possessions during their rental period. At viewings we will be pleased to give you all the information you need about local amenities, shops, school catchment areas and medical services.

If you are considering renting for the first time or want to change your property please feel free to contact us and we start searching for your perfect property.

Tenants Fees

Submittion of Application Form                                      £195.00 - This is made up of £135.00 for the                                                                                                                compilation of the Assured Shorthold                                                                                                            Tenancy and £60.00 for tenants                                                                                                                    credit check.  If more than 1 person                                                                                                              is to be named on the contract, there                                                                                                            is an additional fee of £60.00 per                                                                                                                  person.  Should, for any reason the                                                                                                              tenancy does not go ahead we                                                                                                                      refund the contract fee of £130.00 to                                                                                                            the applicant 

Deposit                                                                                             To the value of one month's rent,                                                                                                                  either in cash or a clreared cheque                                                                                                                before the date of commencement of                                                                                                            the tenancy. 

Renewal of Assured Shorthold Tenancy                       £  65.00 -  Should it be decided by all parties                                                                                                                 that an extension of the ini9tial                                                                                                                     contract be appropriate.


Tenancy Process

The Contract

The contract signed by the Landlord and Tenant is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, which ordinarily lasts initially for a period of six months after which Tenants can give one months notice (from the 5th month) and the Landlord can give two months notice (from the 4th month).

If everyone agrees, a new contract can be drawn up for a period of either six or twelve months, or the Tenant can go onto a Statutory Periodic Contract, by where either side can give two months notice at any time.

Your Safety

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. When a Landlord places their property with us, we give them written information as to their obligations to their tenants. We make every effort to ensure that all gas and electrical requirements are adhered to.

Your Privacy

We totally believe that just because you rent a property does not mean you have any less rights to privacy as a homeowner, and as such we will never enter your property without your consent, nor will we arrive unannounced. If we need to visit for inspections or any other business we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you.

Property Inspections

At regular intervals throughout the tenancy we will carry out property inspections to ensure that there are no problems. This benefits both you and the Landlord as we can sort any outstanding issues out quickly. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit.